5 Ways to Promote Your New Facebook Page

Yes,You have set up a Facebook page and started  posting on Facebook page. As business owner you want to get notice on Facebook. Facebook being  one of the top social media channel with 242 millions users in India. Hence offers great chance to reach your customers.

We at Holistic Media Agency, Social media marketing company  located in Mumbai and Pune area helps business to get notice on Facebook and other  social media platform.

From our experience we offer  6 ways to promote your newly setup Facebook page:

  1. Start with offline:

Thought, we live in  online world with connectivity the offline is also helpful. Grab your your Facebook page URL and reach out to  your family, friends also your employee and ask them to like your page and spread massage to their network.

   2)Reach to your customer:

  This is may be time consuming  but rewarding in long terms. You can share link  of your Facebook page with your old and new customer who already purchase your  services or product from you. Simple massage like “ Thank you for shopping with us!! Plz like your Facebook page to stay updated  our latest offers…” will do the job.

3) Post helpful content :

Posting too many “Buy this” post  on Facebook page is a classic mistake many business owners make. This will  turn off your audience they end up unlike your page. Try to strike right balance  between helpful content and “Buy this” post so your potential audience dose not drift away from your page.

4)Try boost your post option:     

 As you start posting on  you may have notice boost  your post option below your post. You can boost well performing post with  your suitable budget and within your business area. It will help to increase your page reach and  page like as well.

5)Keep posting regularly :

Yes, you should keep it in  mind. Make sure that you are posting on regular basis  to ensure presence of your page. Facebook will keep showing your  post to your audience otherwise your page will disappear in the Facebook feed.  If you are too busy to keep posting by yourself can always hire freelancer or social  media marketing agency.

We at Holistic Media Agency, Social media agency  help business around Mumbai and Pune to elevate their business. For any consultation and serivces you can always reach us!!

And yes !! Most important keep enjoying your Facebook page  posting !!

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