Easy Steps To Optimize Your business on Google My Business in Nashik

The Google  my business is a holy grail for many small business.Google my business has changed the way your customers use Google. Google local listing  facilitate quick information to your customers and generate potential business opportunity for you. Hence,We at Holistic Media Agency SEO company in Nashik recommend many of our local client to create and optimize Google local listing AKA Google My Business. From our experience we are sharing  top tips to optimize your business local listing in Nashik.

1)First,claim and verify your Google my business listing:

Visit Google  My Business website and sign in. If you already have a business listing then make sure that is verified. Google shows pending for verification notification on your Google my business dashboard. Click on verification option and you can verify your business  either by postcard ,call etc.

If our business is not listing on Google my business listing you can click on option add location and follow the instructions.While add your business information make sure that your entering correct business address and a contact number so customers can find you easily.

2) Make updation on regular basis:

Though you verified your business and all information is accurate you need monitor your listing periodically. Many owners don’t realize that anyone can suggest edits to your listing hence you need to make sure that your information is displaying correctly  

3) Update the photos and videos :

Once you created  Google my business listing  update good professional photographs and videos of your business this help to establish rapport with your customer also create first impression of your business.

4)Enable chat and massage:

Google my business allows your customer to ask questions about your business. You can engage and interact with your customers  and make a sell. To enable this service head towards home tab you will find option right below review where you verify and enable msg service.

5)Ask for customer review :

Once you create Google local business listing it important to add fresh content into it. Hence you can share your listing review link with your customer and ask to review your business. More and more review with   average four star will boost up your ranking i n Google search result will generate more traffic on your listing so more business.

Here’s how to find the link for your Google profile.

  1. Open Google Maps.
  2. Search for your business.
  3. Select the appropriate Your Google listing.
  4. Click the Share icon.
  5. Under the Send a Link tab, copy the link

6)Take advantage of GMB  post:

Just like review Google offer great  option to add post in your listing. You can add new offers , new services or new event at your business. This post often appear in Google  search result and grab the attention of your customer.

Here is how to add GMB post :

  1. Sign into your GMB dashboard.
  2. Click on “Posts” in the left menu.
  3. Click “Create Post.”
  4. Add text, images or a call-to-action to the post.
  5. Save and publish the post.

7)Add your list of services and product :

GMB offers the functionality to create a menu of all your goods and services along with prices. This lets your customers  quickly see what you offer so they can make decisions about visiting your business or call your business to enquire more. You can access this facility by clicking info tab and fill up the information.

8)Participate into Q&A  on GMB:

Along with several  functionality GMB also offers Q &A  section to customer. Upon this customer can publicly ask question about business. Hence it is a great way to grab the customer trust by maintaining professional voice .

Google  local listing offers a great way to boost your business, In case if you need professional help can opt for help to SEO company in Nashik like  Holistic Media Agency. Cheers and enjoy business!!

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