Tactics You Can Use To Optimize Your Site For Voice Search

Tactics You Can Use To Optimize Your Site For Voice Search

Recent polls show as high as 20% of all mobile queries on the internet are the voice searches with further data indicating a huge rise in voice searches in coming years.

This fact makes optimization of your website for voice searches a vital for a  business owner.

We, Holistic Media  SEO services provider in Mumbai understand the importance of this upcoming trends that more likely spread in India as well thanks to internet penetration and spending power of the middle class.

Indeed the question is how we can prepare for a future where Alexa or Google Home and Siri going to search for users. Here we listing few optimization tips to get ready for voices search!!

1)Don’t forget Google local listing

 Voice search result dominated by a bunch of local business as the majority of queries asked by users to Google is like “Gym near me” “bike service station near me”. To get benefited from this highly buying intent search you need to make sure that you are listed on Google local listing and profile is well optimized so Google Search Engine can read more about business allow users to visit the business.

2) Your review is a holy grail!

We are not kidding!! Believe us more and more reviews especially positive put you in an advantageous position. Good average rating preferably 4.2 rating put your business in top three local pack, so more chance to win more business.

3)Get your more mobile friendly!!

Gone those days when website used to be shabby and ugly. Hope over tools like Google Mobile-Friendly test GT test and check your website friendly score. If it’s not good then you can always contact your develop and make sure your website mobile friendly also low site loading time.

4) Conversational and informative content  for human

  Though the Google search engine is a robot or algorithm which return answer to the user, we can not forget that it’s built for a human. Hence your content must serve the human first the maybe for the machine. While writing a content you need to put a conversational tone with loads of useful information which user care and looking for.

Ensuring human attention and engagement will enhance trust in the eye of Google and user also.

5)Have an FAQ Section On Your Most Visited Posts

Voice search queries are mostly questions, and these questions require short answers. So look into your analytics and look for the posts with enough traffic to them, answer these questions and you’ll improve your chances on the SERP.

Holistic Media as SEO agency in Mumbai always strive for best SEO solution to our clients. Try this tips and increase your business!!

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