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The Top 5 Factors To Consider When Casting Influencer

The influencers  marketing now a days is a great way to reach the relevant audience and boost the sale  for business. Hence, lots of social media agency in Mumbai have adopted this ideas in order to boost the sale of clients. Indeed it’s a one of the successful way to spread the brand awareness and increase the sales.

However, the selection of influencers is a important aspects of successful campaign. Holistic Media Agency social media marketing company in Mumbai being experience in such a campaign.From experience we would like to share five tips to choose influencer for your next social media campaign.

1)Number of followers:

Some may argue whether this could be factor not not but we believe numbers of followers matters. As allow reach wider audience within short time and  drive faster result.

2) Engagement Rate :

The very important factor!!! One of the Key points we need to look does audience really care or bother about content of influencer ? or it  just a number of followers

 Without meaningful interactions.Lack of engagement is big no no while selecting influence.If you found one you can safely ignore one.

3) Does he or she suits your brand voice ?

   Your brand has a its own voice  or positioning in market which you build over the year.Your campaign content needs to be resonate with brand voice. Before  choosing influencer , the content audit of influencer is important. Try to identify his or her content style. Does brand have funny personality ? influencer who crete funny video or stand comedian might be right fit for you.

4)Demographic :

While searching for a influencer consider the demographics of the influencers  audiences to make sure that you will reach your target customers. Generally  we at Holistic Media uses software and third-party data to analyze the location, gender, age breakdown, income brackets, education level etc followers for all the campaigns we execute.

 5)Look for a professional  influencer

When you start approaching to influencers for campaign try to observe  the professionalism of a influencer. As it’s a business transaction you want to process with  Caution. Any sign of unprofessionalism may be serve you red flag you can back off.

This are five points you may look while choosing influencers.  Need help to execute influencer campaign ? Holistic Media love to help. Write us with detail info!!

Happy influencers  marketing!!

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